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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:23 am 

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I was recently provided with information linking my VW82 Kubelwagen and the 338th Artillerie Regiment (of the 338th Infanterie Division) – which I am continuing to corroborate from other sources.

As part of my research and, using published and online sources, I have managed to assemble an outline history of the 338th Intanterie Division`s movements between late February and its surrender on April 15th 1945 (see below). Comments / suggestions on my interpretation from fellow forum members would be appreciated.

Have also uncovered reference to a systematic US Army programme of German unit assessments – based upon debriefings of senior German officers (from each unit) following the end of hostilities. A few years ago, these were available through the US Army in Europe. However with cutbacks, their current whereabouts are uncertain and, any leads as to their current location would be most helpful.

Steve 82

338th Infanterie Division :

US war records indicate that during late February, the 338th InfDiv was in the process of relocating some 350km from Freiburg to Erkelenz – to be assigned to XII SS Korps . Having just started the move, some advance elements of the 338th were diverted to assist with the defence of Erkelenz but, were quickly overrun during the American attack on 26th February. Following this however, the 338th appear to have continued their planned regrouping some 5km to the East of Erkelenz by 28th February. Records then show that the Division gradually moved Eastwards – firstly to a point some 10km SW of Dusseldorf on 1st March then, on to Dusseldorf itself by 11th March. The 338th InfDiv appear to have remained in Dusseldorf for the next couple of weeks - holding a relatively static position.

Feldgrau indicates that the 338th InfDiv was re-assigned to LXXIV Armee Korps in the Rhine Valley in April. American records also indicate that this Korps (of which 338th InfDiv was part) was already in position some 20-30km East of Siegen by the 28th March – presumably to try and counter the US advances along the Southern flank of what was to become the Ruhr Pocket. As with the previous move, given the time to relocate, it is likely that the move from Dusseldorf to Siegen actually took place over a few days.
Over the next 5/6 days, the US continued to consolidate their positions and prepared for the final assault on the pocket – which then took place between the 4th and 14th of April. During this final phase, American records of their own troop dispositions suggest that initial contact with the 338th (along the Southern flank) would likely have been with the US XVIIIth and IIIrd divisions and, as the pocket then collapsed, the unit would have gradually withdrawn in a North-Westerly direction. However, during those final chaotic days, even the composition of the 338th itself would have been uncertain with the remains of multiple units joining to mount whatever final defence measures could be mustered under the circumstances.

The 15th Army officially surrendered on the 16th April 1945 in the Ruhr Pocket after General von Zangen, had lost control of his subordinate units and, surrendered with his staff on the 13th April 1945 to the U.S. 7th Armored Division. Any remnants of the division were officially de-commissioned at the river Rhine at Ruhr at the end of April.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:53 am 
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Here you can find more Information of the 338.Infanteriedivision.

In German. ... /338ID.htm
The Artillerie-Regiment 338, with Field Post Numbers. ... /AR338.htm

The Ostbataillons of the 338.Inf.Div. ... Btl663.htm ... Btl665.htm

In English.

Adjutant, I./Ski-Jäger Regiment 1, 1.Ski-Jäger Brigade

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