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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:14 pm 
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In needy mode, Im looking to expand on my researches from the internet on the activities of FJR5 On the russian front in the southern Ukraine winter 43/44. They moved into the line to replace the FJR7 that was pulled out for rest and refit Late 43

I have one account so far from one of the forums I extract the relevant part about FJR5 below:-

Early in January 1944, the Russians renewed their operations against the 2nd Parachute Division and 286th SP Brigade in southern Russia.
The 2nd Regiment and the 1st Battalion of the 5th Parachute Regiment held a sector around the town of Plavny near Novorodka, either side of the Kirovgrad highway.
Early on the 5th January the Russians began their offensive against positions held by the 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment. Within half an hour a whole regiment of T-34's had been destroyed with minimal losses to the SP Brigade.
The line held by the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Regiment was broken in several locations as massed Russian armour broke through the weak line. Russian tanks broke through east of Plavny and the remaining reserve SP artillery pieces were rushed in to halt the advance. Many T-34's were destroyed by individual acts of heroism using mines, satchel charges and panzerfaust's.
The 2nd Battalion, 5th Regiment was mostly destroyed as massed Russian forces swept over their positions north of the Kirovgrad highway.

5 January 1944-FJR2 and I/FJR 5 hit by large scale Soviet offensive at Kivograd.2 FJD HQ comes under attack.

8 January 1944--withdrawal.Severe losses. For example II/FJR5 is down to 30 effectives.

The survivors were rescued by several SP guns who broke through the Russian forces, whereafter they successfully withdrew (although it was several days before they turned up at the Divisions lines).
Late on the 5th, the SP Brigade was ordered to Ruptschina where the Russians had managed to cut the Kirovgrad-Novorodka highway. As they neared their objective they came across a Russian tank unit in the process of being refuelled. The SP guns along with their Fallschirmjäger passengers successfully destroyed them. By the 6th January, the 7th, 5th and 2nd Regiments had been forced to pull out of the Novorodka area due to mounting Russian pressure.
They managed to hold a line outside of Kirovgrad denying the Russians this objective. On the 12th January the survivors of the 2nd Battalion. 5th Regiment were returned to Germany as they had ceased to exist as a fighting formation.
After the intense fighting around Novorodka, the front around Kirovgrad slipped into stalemate. The remaining guns of the 286th SP Brigade were transferred elsewhere.
End Quote.

The frustrating thing is many of the place names have changed once or even twice since the war, so far all Ive managed to ascertain is most of this fighting occoured in the bend of the Dnieper river SE of Tscherkassy in the southern central Ukraine.

If anyone has more detail they can add or pics that would be a big help.
Many thanks
Chris C,

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