02.05.1945 in Traunstein

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02.05.1945 in Traunstein

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I found the link to this home movie on a forum in Germany and thought you might like it just as much as I did.

It shows Traunstein on 2nd May ´45, the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS leaving the town, liberated jews in their striped suits sitting near the bombed out railway station, German civilians queueing up at the bakery, butchers and town hall awaiting information. Young soldiers marching by doing the Hitler salute, slave labourers from the east,tiger tanks and many other vehicles.

After a visit of an Amercian negotiator, the news is being proclaimed by a small notice on the town hall wall: a curfew is being called out from 7pm that evening till 7am next morning.
Minutes before the Americans arrive a young auxiliary policeman is doing his last round through the streets.

The Americans arrive and the commentator says that at first they were frightened seeing the star on the sides of vehicles, thinking the Russians have come.

What an amasing piece of documentation


Kind regards.

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