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When the Red Army conquered East Prussia in 1945, thousands of German children
were left unattended with their parents killed during bombing raids or during harsh winters
without any food or shelter. Older children tried to keep their siblings together and survival,
searching for food and shelter became number one priority. Many went on food-scrounging
trips into neighboring Lithuania. There many were adopted by the rural farm population
where they often worked on the farms. Most made these trips back and forth many times
in order to get food for their sick mothers or siblings. They were called “wolf children”
because of their wolf-like wandering through the forests and along railroad tracks, sometimes
catching rides on top or in between railroad cars, jumping off before reaching Soviet control
stations. Helping the German children survive had to be hidden from the Soviet occupation
authorities in Lithuania. Many German children's names were changed to hide their identity
and only after the collaps of the Iron Curtain could they reveal their true identity since the 1990s.
from Wikipedia



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