Saying "Hello".

Please can all members introduce yourself in here.

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Saying "Hello".

Post by Herr_Faust »

Evening all,

I've just joined an LAH reenactment group. I'm completely new to the world of reenacting, and I'm just starting to get my basic kit together. I'm a young lad from Derbyshire, and love long walks, militaria fairs, tabletop wargaming, and steak and ale pie, in case anyone wondered.

There's a few specific questions I'm here to ask, but any advice at all on the subject would be welcome; as I've said, I'm a complete novice at the moment.

Thank you,


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Re: Saying "Hello".

Post by Halle »

Greetings Faust, welcome to the forum....

It's a tad quiet these days... :roll:

However, one piece of advice I can give you is don't rush into buying anything straight away ( despite the temptation ), buy the best, buy once...

How do you know what's the best ? Listen to the more experienced members of your group, and where you can, buy original items ( bayonet, gas mask canister, helmet , entrenching tool etc. ).

There is an absolute shed load of cheaply manufactured rubbish on the market today...

Best of luck !
Jäger Stefan Halle 3./I./Geb.Jag.Reg.100

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