Schöne Grüße aus Sydney, Australien - Schirrmeister43

Please can all members introduce yourself in here.

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Schöne Grüße aus Sydney, Australien - Schirrmeister43

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for adding me to the forum.

I am from Sydney, Australia. My grandparents migrated to Australia from Germany in the mid 50s.

Both of my grandparents served during the war - one in the Heer (69th Infantry Regiment) and the other with the Waffen-SS (2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich").
Their stories were and continue to be of great interest to me. I am currently researching and documenting their movements during the war.

I am part of a WW2 reenactment group based in Sydney. Although currently an inactive member (I do not have an impression together yet) I try to contribute to the group via other means.

In my spare time I am often working on projects such as making German WW2 cardboard cartridge boxes, leather ID tag pouches, WW2 road signs and with making my own uniforms.

I look forward to contributing to this forum.

Vielen dank,

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Re: Schöne Grüße aus Sydney, Australien - Schirrmeister43

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welcome and enjoy the information on here
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