Heavy Mg-team

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Heavy Mg-team

Post by Zeigler »

I have some questions about the heavy mg-teams used in Waffen-ss/Heer 1943-1945

1. For a panzergrandier regiment for an example how where these teams organised? Did they belong to indivudal heavy companies on battalion level?

2. How many men were in the team? Squadleader, gunner, loader and rifleman (carrier of tripod)?

3. Were the gunner, loader equiped with pistols? What was the typical weapons for the other men?
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Re: Heavy Mg-team

Post by Heinz O. Kaufmann »

Maybe this will help you?

http://niehorster.orbat.com/011_germany ... gp%29.html
1 Heavy Weapons Platoon
1 Officer (Z) as Platoon Leader (SMG)
Platoon Headquarters
1 NCO as Platoon Headquarters Section Leader (Pistol)
1 Messenger / Radioman (Rifles)
1 Messenger (Rifle)(on light motorcycle)
1 Stretcher Bearer (Pistol)
3 Motor Vehicle Drivers (Rifles)
3 cars, light, cross-country (4-seats)
2 Heavy Machine Gun Sections, each with
1 NCO Section Leader (Pistol)
2 NCO Gun Team Leaders (SMG)
2 MG Gunners (Pistols)
2 Assistant MG Gunners (Pistols)
4 Assistant MG Gunners (Rifles)
2 Ammunition Handlers (Rifles)
7 Motor Vehicle Drivers (Rifles)
2 heavy machine guns
7 cars, light, cross-country (4-seats)

1 Mortar Section
1 NCO Section Leader (SMG)
2 NCO Mortar Team Leaders (SMG)
2 Mortar Gunners (Pistols)
2 Assistant Mortar Gunners (Pistols)
6 Ammunition Handlers (Rifles)
1 Assistant Armorer (Rifle)
2 Motor Vehicle Drivers (Rifle)
2 medium mortars (81mm)
2 light trucks (2-ton), cross-country for personnel and telephone transport
So, 1. There where a heavy weapon platoon inside the company, and the platoon had two HMG sections (in other words, groups).

2. Check the blackened text above.

3. Check the blackened text above.

Hopely this helps.

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Re: Heavy Mg-team

Post by Christian_Jaeger »

That will be very useful.

1. The heavy companies of the batallions had a sMG-Zug(Platoon) of four sMGs, the grenadier companies also have two sMG-Gruppen(Sections) of two sMGs, in the heavy platoon(Schwerer Zug). A Panzergrenadierbatallion had 12 sMGs.

2/3. A sMG-Gruppe(section) had two sMGs, the crew of each gun are five soldiers:
Gruppeführer(Team leader), Unteroffizier(NCO or older Private), MP 38/40, he carries the optic und one 300 rounds box
Schütze 1(MG-Gunner), Pistol, he carries the MG it self
Schütze 2("Loader"),Pistole, he carries the tripod
Schütze 3(Ammo carrier) rilfe 98k, carry 2 boxes of 300 rounds
Schütze 4(Ammo carrier) rilfe 98k, carry 2 boxes of 300 rounds

Because of the high casualties at all fronts in 1943-45 the Schütze 4 often was not available.

The first rate of fire was 1500 rounds, even more ammunition was one the truck/half track.

Alex Buchner, Das Handbuch der Infanerie(Handbook of the Infantry), page: 32, ISBN 3-89555-041-8
Wolfgang Fleischer/Richard Eiermann, Die motorisierten Schützen und Panzergrenadiere des deutschen Heeres 1935-1945. page 86;100;106, ISBN 978-3-89555-401-8
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Re: Heavy Mg-team

Post by Schorff »

I am looking for a basic commands for heavy machine gun team - anybody could you help me, please ? Thanks

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