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Post by brayney »

would pioneers were smocks? like just simple army overhead ones?

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Re: pioneer-smocks?

Post by VonSchnitzel »

I wouldn't think so.I haven't seen any evidence of one but a late war SS pionier may have but I have no knowledge of them doing so but I know a few here who would
I have a Field Division Jacket for my Luftwaffe FD pionier impression though
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Re: pioneer-smocks?

Post by Olly »

They would have been issued standard smocks, either the early splinter smock or the later sumph tarn hooded smock.

These are not just 'sniper' smocks but were issued en-mass to units, albeit this doesn’t appear very common.

Photographic evidence to support this for the following units -

21st Panzer Div, 192 Gren. Regt. issued sumph tarn smocks and splinter helemt covers - Normandy 44.

GD, sumph tarn smocks and splinter helmet covers - Eastern front summer 44.

Gren. Regt. ????, sumph tarn smocks - Warsaw 44.

2nd Panzer Division, splinter smocks and helmet covers - Kursk 43.

Thats the ones that got caught on camera. However it's worth noting in the photos all the smocks look uniformed so if you are going to do this as a group it might be a good idea to get the smocks from the same place. Not a good look with a big mishmash of different camouflage patterns and styles generally.

There is a picture in a GD book of 2 men in 1945 wearing what appears to be the VERY rare first patern sumph tarn smock. The caption attributes them to be pioneers.
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