Pionier source material

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Pionier source material

Post by askhati »

I figured, what with Pionier information being somewhat scarce, it might be a good idea to collate a list of all the decent information sources dealing specifically with the Black Tabs.

I will start with some of mine, and then update to include anything else that is posted.

1) "Pioniere der Waffen SS im bild"
- ISBN 3-920 677-50-1

2) "German Pionier 1939-45"
- by Gordon L. Rottman
- Osprey Publishing
- ISBN 978-184603-578-4

- http://www.fieldgear.org
- http://www.mp44.nl/
- http://wehrmachts.kisten.free.fr/sommaire_pionnier.htm
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Re: Pionier source material

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Re: Pionier source material

Post by Christian_Jaeger »

Postwar Pionierfibel written by Volkmar Zahn, who has written the earlyer one in WW2. The contents did not change much or use the same material. Even today the German Army use this material for Pionier training. It is in German, but the best Information you can get.

- General Pionier Jobs
- Brigding
- hydrography
- Boating
- Barricades
- Blasting
- etc.

http://www.amazon.de/Pionier-Fibel-T-1- ... 406&sr=8-2
http://www.amazon.de/Pionier-Fibel-Ange ... 406&sr=8-1
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