soldbuch/Wehrpass/Feldpost stamp sheets...

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soldbuch/Wehrpass/Feldpost stamp sheets...

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I was looking for a cheap way to get the stamps i need for my Soldbuch..after searching i found a place that does sheets with at least 40 + diffrent stamps per sheet. There are 5 sheets to choose from. I ordered sheets #4 and 5. So between the 2 sheets ill have over 80 stamps which can be used for all manner of documents. 4 is the second sheet for the soldbuch and 5 is Waffen SS stamps, the only thing is you have to cut the stamps and stamp pad backing,and apply them to handles or blocks yourself. It comes with detailed instructions on what each stamp is for ect.. cant wait to get this in the mail! Check them out...pretty cool and a cheap way to get lots of stamps.

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