warpocket.com soon: quality that fits, from eastern europe

ww2 and reenacting sites of interest.
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warpocket.com soon: quality that fits, from eastern europe

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About warpocket

Historical romances, memoirs, articles, movies and historical persons charming millions of people. Living history and reenactment societies reconstructing battles excites imagination, long to feel and incarnate.Warpocket offer to touch daily routine of war, draw in and reconstruct.

Warpocket distinguish from others by individual uniform adapting, that ensures esthetic view and comfort to wear, product descriptions that alows to reconstruct exact periods of war and attention to WWII enthusiasts from order to positive emotions.

Warpocket – it‘s a tiny reflection of glorious and in the same way disgraceful World War history. It‘s a remembrance that fits in soldier pocket.

Warpocket – Draw in and reconstruct.


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