New Italian Items

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New Italian Items

Post by Ted »

Not sure if any one has seen them yet, but Kieth on Ebay KCS militaria has now listed a load of Italian items & Japanese belt order items as well.
Are they any good to your guy's Supermario ???
cheers Ted.

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Post by missyd »

My friend is into italian army stuff ... he says that for such a little prize the Nordafrika jacket and pants should be ok .... I may buy one if I decide to reenact something else.
.... he is also happy with his Afrikakorps tunic
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Post by supermario »


Already know about this. We have had some bits from him to check out the quality. Its not too bad to be honest. Italian material quality varied from 100% fine weave cotton to burlap. The Sahariana jackets however are wrong. They are cut to the same pattern as post war spanish saharianas. This has been pointed out to the producer and patterns have been sent to him for this guy to make accurate reproductions. It makes a change to get something off the peg tho! :D



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Post by Alex288 »

Dear SM,
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