Finns Back in Business

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Finns Back in Business

Post by Pirkka »

Just a brief note to say that I am now back to full health and will once again be taking my Finnish impression back on the road with Unknown Soldiers, currently affiliated with Das Reich. I had a bad run in with liver disease that floored me for five years or so, but I expect to be back on the scene now and once again welcoming recruits, especially as there is now a reliable source of Finnish repro gear from Hiki in Hong Kong.

The bit that really pisses me off is that I had liver disease when I hardly ever drank. Life's shit like that sometimes.

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Re: Finns Back in Business

Post by Halle »

Glad to hear you're back to health , look forward to maybe seeing you " on the circuit " - will be good to see a Finnish impression :D
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Re: Finns Back in Business

Post by Crazy Feldgendarme »

Welcome back mate, see you around.

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