genuine knights cross

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genuine knights cross

Post by fjr_hubner_mark1 »

hello i was wondering if anyone knew how much a real knight cross would be worth nowadays?
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Re: genuine knights cross

Post by Peiper »

fjr_hubner_mark1 wrote:hello i was wondering if anyone knew how much a real knight cross would be worth nowadays?
Depends if there is any history/proof of the recipient, that usually adds to the price :?:
I saw a battered/used example for sale from a dealer last year, he wanted £2500 for it
so examples in better condition would fetch more ??


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Re: genuine knights cross

Post by Brigardefuhrer »

These can be a 'mine field' to authenticate,The firm Steinhauer und Luck made copys just post war and Rudolf Souval made reproductions(they never made RK's during he war).If you check out Wehrmacht awards forum there is quite alot of information on the RK on there and most that are for sale are not 'award' pieces,but what are often called retailer copys made during the war for shop displays.John
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Re: genuine knights cross

Post by Tychsen »

3-4 years ago before Detlev Niemann closed his doors his prices started at £4,000 depending on maker and condition..... an awarded which could be traced to an individual and that price almost doubled, I think today you would have to think £5-6,000 which is a lot of cash and you really need to know what you are buying .
John's advice is very sound.

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Re: genuine knights cross

Post by grieffenberg »

I quess it depends a lot on documentation as well. I was offered a considerable amount for my grandfathers, but considering its the only thing i have left from him there is no amount that would convince me to part with it

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Re: genuine knights cross

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In North America they retail for $12'000 to $17'000 depending on condition....

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