For Sale - CJ750 Sidecar outfit R71/R75 Replica - Now SOLD

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For Sale - CJ750 Sidecar outfit R71/R75 Replica - Now SOLD

Post by Boshman »

Immaculate condition, ready to roll for the 2014 Reenactment season!

Price: £4,750 ONO

please PM me for more details

The bike has been used for WW2 Airsoft events and occasional runs on the roads at weekends and is fantastic condition. Lovingly cared for and treated with ACF50 on a regular basis.

Professionally restored in 2011 with a ground up bare-metal rebuild.
All engine and wheel bearings have been replaced with high quality NSK bearings.
99% of all bolts and fasteners have been replaced with Stainless Steel hex bolts with Nylock nuts used wherever possible.(Ok, not authentic but very practical)
Completely rewired with heavy duty battery mounted in purpose built box on RH side of frame.
Extremely reliable and has never let me down, it has always started first time every time. Electric starter fitted to make starting even easier. The fitted R75 style Tank shifter also makes finding neutral and using the reverse gear a breeze.

Full Details:
CJ750 M1 Super Motorcycle /sidecar combination BMW R71/R75 Replica in Matt Luftwaffe FeldBlau colour.
1972, UK Registered, road legal, Tax exempt. Full documentation. Currently SORN but will have MOT renewed in next few weeks.
This is a complete ready to roll WW2 replica bike with all of the correct WW2 parts and features to make it as close as possible to the wartime BMW R71/R75 bikes. The bike is a militarised copy of the original 1938 BMW R71 and the CJ750 stays much closed in details to the original wartime bikes than the more commonly seen Ural and Dneper machines.
750cc 32HP M1Super OHV Engine (BMW R75 style cylinder head covers can be purchased from for an even more authentic look. This engine is not prone to the overheating issues commonly seen on the less powerful flat-head engines.
Reverse Gearbox with R75 type tank shifters
Lowered R75 military style Front / Rear Fenders
High quality WW2 WL- Front and rear number plates
Period Black/Silver registration plate for on-road use - L registration
Aluminium Wheel rims
Powder coated hubs, rims, spokes and frame parts
Black powder coat Exhaust mufflers
Left Engine Guard
Petrol tank with toolbox
Sidecar brakes
High quality WH Machine Gun Mount for MG34/MG42
Sidecar floor Duck boards
Cloth Tourneau sidecar cover and matching Headlight Cover
2x Metal panniers on left and right side front of sidecar with correct WW2 mounts
1x Leather pannier on left rear of bike
High Quality UK sourced Ensign Classic Trails Tyres x 5 (2 brand new, 3 with very little wear.)
Right-Hand Sidecar
Double Spare wheel on sidecar
Re-upholstered saddles and sidecar seats.
High quality Copper/Enamel BMW Emblems and full BMW R75 tags and plates.
WW2 Tyre Pressure stencils
R75/R12 bike & Sidecar Tail lights
Genuine Magura Steel R75 Brake Levers
Genuine Magura R75 Handlebar grips
NOS Honda Fuel Pet-cock fitted to replace leaky Chinese original.
Full set of spares, Gaskets, Seals etc.
Please PM me if you want any more details or pictures.

Thanks for looking.


The brides carriage to the reception at a friends wedding.

In Action with some overweight FJ's at the Gunman Gothic line event in Nov 2012
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Re: For Sale - CJ750 Sidecar outfit R71/R75 Replica

Post by peiper1944 »


Can i trade a kidney for it ? :lol:
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