Krad Spares Suppliers (Recommended) - Urals & Chang Jiangs

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Krad Spares Suppliers (Recommended) - Urals & Chang Jiangs

Post by Stefan1944 »

For fellow krad enthusiasts and easier reference I'm posting some links to websites for motorcycle spares which I have used and would confidently recommend as supplying quality products with excellent service and communication:

Sidecarpro for Chang Jiang and also some Ural spares. Its run by Brit expats who are really helpful, reliable and good on price - I've bought loads from them now...


Also bought loads from Oldtimer garage who specialise in classic bike spares and German krad repro items such as panniers, MG mounts, ID tags, badges etc... again really helpful and great items and communications...


Hope useful and please post up any other suppliers you would recommend... :wink:

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Re: Krad Spares Suppliers (Recommended) - Urals & Chang Jian

Post by pepperpot »

old timers has a great service normally 72 hours turn round and when you want an item he will check its correct for the bike before sending it. And speaks fluent english as well. Thoroughly recommended for all combo spares. If you cant see it on his web page give him a ring or ask via email and he will get the part for you

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