Advice Bitte - DKW NZ250 Ignition Problems

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Advice Bitte - DKW NZ250 Ignition Problems

Post by Stefan1944 »


Alas, my restored DKW NZ250 (Jahr 1939) is currently a non-runner as the 6v ignition coil and rectifier / regulator have burned out.... :evil:

Therefore, I'm considering whether to stay original and replace the faulty 6v ignition parts or upgrade to a modern 12v electronic system.... :idea:

Powerdynamo in Germany appear to do a very good 12v electronic conversion with all the main parts included (stator / regulator / rectifier / coil etc...) but is quite expensive at about £350: ... 25main.htm

I would appreciate all advice and comments on the DKW NZ ignition system and whether to stay original 6v or upgrade to 12v, also parts suppliers and the Powerdynamo 12v electronic ignition upgrade....

Vielen dank... Stefan

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Re: Advice Bitte - DKW NZ250 Ignition Problems

Post by ssparatrooper »

my advise would be to keep it original

get things rewound and replace parts! changing the stater and rotor with all that crap in the tool box will ultimately devalue it as people want the same experience "they" would have had with the vehicle, 6v is reliable enough

who restored it? and when was it done as older restorations seem to have due to the lack of parts in the 80`s and 90`s bodge jobs done to keep them going? i am sure now due to the rising popularity of deutsche fahrzeugen you will find the parts your need as for BMW R12`s they are pretty much one click order now from some suppliers

search on german ebay or look on in German and you will find the parts

good luck


Re: Advice Bitte - DKW NZ250 Ignition Problems

Post by Stefan1944 »

Danke for your response and advice, KK...

Decision made, original 6v it is - German eBay here I come.... :shock:

strm taw
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Re: Advice Bitte - DKW NZ250 Ignition Problems

Post by strm taw »

I have a 350 with original Ali engine for the bike which works fine but as above its worth a bit in this state so I have since bought a cast engine which is still war time but wrong for my frame to which I'm hoping to update the electrics purely so I can use the bike without any problems and if needs be I can swap between the two engines


Re: Advice Bitte - DKW NZ250 Ignition Problems

Post by Stefan1944 »

Hallo Strm Taw, that's an interesting idea - having 2 engines.... :idea:


Re: Update - DKW NZ250 Ignition Problems

Post by Stefan1944 »

Good news to report...

Managed to get the old burned out ignition coil out of the original bakelite regulator box without damaging it, which was a great relief as it looked well and truly welded in ..... phew :oops:

As advised I managed to source a DKW 6v ignition coil from Germany which fitted Regulator box perfectly. Did a bit of electrical fault fixing, rewiring, soldering and general maintenance including new battery, bulbs, plug fitted etc; and she fired up after about 3 or 4 kicks starts....

Great fun driving up and down the street and gears all worked...

Also really chuffed I managed to retain the original 6v system...Wunderbar :D

Now just a leaky carb to fix and complete the UK road registration process :roll:

Thanks for your help and advice....

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Re: Advice Bitte - DKW NZ250 Ignition Problems

Post by nelz »

Well done Steve,

another fine solo preserved and in use ! :D

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