Battery type for CJ 750

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Battery type for CJ 750

Post by Topfmine »

Manage to pick up a 1957 CJ750 with side car for a very good price. The combination has as starter motor and is 12volts, my question is, what should the amps be for the battery. I was pondering getting a dry cell type and a dummy vintage battery cover. Any advice from Krad CJ750 owners.

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Re: Battery type for CJ 750

Post by pepperpot »

found this on the net google search
Yuasa Part # YTX7L-BS (Specs. 12 Volt, 6 Amp, 85 CCA, 4.5" x 2.8125" x 5.1875), fits in the holder behind transmission.
CB18-A battery for a 12V motorcycle (M1M and M1S).
otherwise contact old timers garage in Poland.
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Re: Battery type for CJ 750

Post by Stefan1944 »

Congrats on your CJ750 combo which appears similar to mine.

My current battery is a wet-cell (acid) Yucel 12v 17Ah (C20), which is nothing special just a bog standard wet cell from ebay,

Its fitted in the sidecar boot and does its job really well and never had a problem with it going flat - even after a week of stop / start use at W&P shows.

However, I like to use the manual kick start as it feels abit more period and only use the electric start if I accidentally stall and need to make a quick get away...

Agree with Graham, Old Timer in Poland is a great supplier and very helpful.

Also try Ben at Sidecarpro who specialises in Chang Jiangs and is also very helpful - bought loads from him:

Hope that helps...

Ride on..... :)

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Re: Battery type for CJ 750

Post by DAS MEDIC »

when i had my dnepr i put a dummy bakelite boxin the batter holder on view and run a wiring loom into the sidecar boot and got a small bosch car battery which was about an 18 -20ah
worked every time
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Re: Battery type for CJ 750

Post by Topfmine »

Thanks guys for the info, just bought a 12v 18ah gel mat battery which is easier to look after and up keep. I have been looking on Oldtimer Poland site and have bought some bits to Germanise it even more. Needs a proper paint job on it which is not a problem for me. I am sure you guys will help me out on other issues if I get stuck, many thanks.

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