2009 Uniforms and prices

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Re: 2009 Uniforms and prices

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Will be posting pics of our latest late war SS M43 tunics up in the next couple of days. These are my favorite tunics so far. Very nice quailty dark green/grey wool. All the correct features for as SS tunic. I will post a pic up next to a regular SS M43 to show the difference. Will also post a pic of the M43 Ski cap in the same material next to a regular Ski cap.
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Re: 2009 Uniforms and prices

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Will it be possible to get the SS M42 tunic made from the same darker wool and quality at some point?



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Re: 2009 Uniforms and prices

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How much for a full Heer kit?

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Re: 2009 Uniforms and prices

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i am after m40 tunic and trousers badged as GD, m40 great coat, m43cap badged, badged side cap and a heer collarless shirt. What are the costs and i would like to try the items on before i buy them so where in the country are you.


jonathan moore
(mid wales)

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