Folgore para

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Folgore para

Post by warlord »

Hi, can anyone point me the right direction to put a North Africa Folgore para uniform and kit together,

Uniform is easy from Hikishop after that im lost Helmet, webbing and insignia.

Also does anyone sell the Italian army leather webbing sets? Not much luck on ebay lol

Thanks for any help :D
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Re: Folgore para

Post by pepperpot »

if you are in the uk there is an Italian mountain unit which also do para, ( they have the info), sorry I don't have a contact for them
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Re: Folgore para

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Folgore tropical kit. Like you said, HIKI does the right uniform. No issues there.

Boots. This is tricky. There are manufacterers out there but the boot has specific dynamics. I will try to post up details later.

To do the Folgore in North Africa you will need a helmet. Italian ebay is the best place. Use the word Elmo paracadutisti. you are looking for the post war version, as wartime will set you back about £1600. Don't worry about the size. The italians used a one sized shell. post war should be titled M42/60. it will need converting to wartime standard. the bits you need are available from Crapanzano militaria in Italy. (Nose guard and chinstraps)

Webbing. The Folgore wore a particular type of web set. Repros are made, some better than others.

and lastly, the Alpini group is Mediterraneo. website has details. at

look up units depicted page and the info is there. also look at field equipment page as the webbing is discussed on that too

i will check back in a few days to see what other help you need.

Neil - Mediterraneo

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