EuroVelo 15: Rhine Log Distance Cycle Route

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EuroVelo 15: Rhine Log Distance Cycle Route

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EuroVelo 15: From the source of the Rhine to its mouth in the North Sea


A cyclist friend has just told me about this European long distance cycle route (1240 Km long) which he has just started which looks interesting.

Besides being a classic leisure cycling route through beautiful locations it also appears to pass interesting WW2 sites, some of which are mentioned as stages e.g. Rhamagen, Koln, Arnhem etc.

I'm going to include this on my list of "10 Things To Do Before I Die" and would be interested in your comments, feedback, experiences about this route and perhaps help in identifying classic WW2 sites, locations, museums and accommodation along the way etc.

Perhaps, if there is enough interest we could develop a WW2 Tour Guide based on this route....

Hope of interest and all comments and feedback most welcome.... :shock:

Btw - Sadly, my friend has no interest in WW2 which is such a shame... :roll:
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