So...why is this forum dying on it's ass?

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Re: So...why is this forum dying on it's ass?

Post by SchutzeHagemann »

I think when the first German Reenactor Help Page was made on Facebook back in 2013 people migrated to that slowly and it only increased over time. Then feelings were hurt and the 2nd one was created shortly after.. now the German Help Page 2.0. In my opinion it really did change reenacting, made it more global friendly, and opened it up to a whole new generation of young guys who are doing a great job. The suppliers seem to be reading what they post and stock items accordingly. Another plus for Facebook is that you get answers quicker, people stroke egos, etc like folks have said before me.

In the past few months FB has cracked down a little harder on 'Nazi' things so people are considering forums again. We might very well see a comeback here. I haven't logged on and actually participated here since 2013 but I am now back, hopefully I can stimulate a little here?

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Re: So...why is this forum dying on it's ass?

Post by askhati »

I think one of the major appeals of FB is the ease of uploading images. Look at the reenactment groups there, and it is pictures pictures pictures - which, with FB, is dead simple to add.

If the forum format could fix that, I think it would have a chance. But if you make me struggle through ten hoops before I can get one pic up - not even to mention 15+ - then the effort can be daunting to some (most).
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