Greetings all

Please can all members introduce yourself in here.

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Greetings all

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Looks like a good forum this so I thought I'd join. I recently joined a group portraying the LSSAH but didn't really like some of the things the main guy was saying; made me a tad uncomfortable so I left am now looking to transfer to a Wehrmacht group (Gr D) if initial chats go well enough. I'm new to re-enactment anyway, and thought this would be a great place to get ideas and advice. I only had enough money for a basic M40 uniform (which was hellishly hot in the blistering heat when attending War & Peace recently), so I'll have to save towards the other bits and bobs over time. I wear glasses - that's been a bit of a hassle because I can't find period specs with lenses in anywhere (but I'm hunting the internet for something).

Still, always been interested in militaria, especially German, even from a very very young age. My late grandfather flew Spitfires in the war, he quite possibly wouldn't appreciate me wanting to portray the German army but since there is no political element to it, I guess I could have got his understanding.

I'm 56, married and really just looking to get involved in keeping history alive for the benefits of everyone, including my own enjoyment. When history is forgotten it can be repeated, so here's to everyone keeping it alive and respectful.

ps for anyone interested, my username here (von Schalberg) is just the name of a German officer I saw in a book once, and I couldn't think of another username ... so there u go :-)
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Re: Greetings all

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welcome and good thing you are asking for advice before spending to much money lots spend and get stuff that is no use toi them in there chosen group once you have joined a group get there kit list so you dont buy non usable stuff
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