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General WWII and Reenactment Topics Only. Post anything else in Off Topic, please.
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This forum

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Please, FFS, make it relevant again..

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Re: This forum

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where has everyone gone I wonder?
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Re: This forum

Post by Ropes »

Unfortunately this forum died nearly a decade ago. It seemed to peak probably around 13 or 14 years ago during a time when reenactment was going through a real boom. In it's hayday this place was an unbelievably busy place great for resources, knowledge and banter. Unfortunately politics caused a bit of a rift and some people left and migrated over to social media groups. Since then it appears reenactment has become less popular ensuring this forum was never able to see it's glory days again. I occasionally check back here every few years to see if anything has changed, mainly just out of nostalgia but also with the hope that I'll find it back to where it once was.
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Re: This forum

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I agree. I've been off line here for a while. But I'm back and now retired, living in the great state of Texas!
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