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Below you will find a range of items that you can print to finish off your wwii display with a bunch of original looking consumables. Many thanks to those who have contributed, if you have any you could add, please email [alex(a)] or contact us through the site.

Please note, these items are available for download for personal and not commercial purposes, many thanks to all those who have submitted items or information.

These are scans from a couple of original matchboxes. simply cut them out and stick them on a modern matchbox and they look perfect! (NB don't use the matches with the hexagonal pattern on the phosphorous strip). matches [PDF]

Food labels from jugend Krieger

Chocolate bar
Citrus drops
Condensed milk
Ham and chicken
Kraft keks
Mixed nuts
Rye bread
Soup seasoning
SS Caramel
SS Caramel 2

German money -- hi res scans of german paper money.

Award documents from Bryn [Baggy pants]

CloseCombatClaspe & WoundBadge
IronCross 1st & 2nd class
General Assault Badges
German Cross In Gold
Infantry Assault Badges
Krim Shield & Russian Front Medal
WarMerit Cross without Swords 1st & 2nd Class
WarMerit Cross with Swords 1st & 2nd Class
Panzer Assault Badges
West Wall Medal

this has a wide range of German typefaces:
Note its mostly blackletter, whereas on most packaging I have seen a sans-serif typeface is used, probably something like DIN1451 (the common consensus on the forum!)
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