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If you have a wwii related website, or would like to refer one, please contact us and we'll put it up. Alternatively, post it up on the forum and It'll be harvested later :)

Achtung Panzer! -- The history of tanks and people of the Panzertruppe during World War II.
Panzers Of The Reich -- Information on the German Panzer Tanks Of WWII development history, combat service, technical data and photos.
Zeltbahn -- a detailed site about the German shelter quarter.
worldwar-2 -- comprehensive world war two history site. -- buying/selling german helmets, much useful information
Panzergrenadier -- site is dedicated to the development of German motorcycle rifleman, motorized infantry, motorized grenadier and panzer grenadier during Second World War. -- general World War Two resource, providing background information and useful and interesting facts.
Landser -- information on the german soldier, aimed at re-enactors, gamers and modellers, but there is information of interest to casual historians, family historians, uniform collectors, re-enactors and other hobbyists and hobby suporters.
Fallschirmjaeger -- excellent knowledge base about german paras.
Wehrpass -- for those who collect original German wehrpasses and of general interest to those who have an interest in the German Armed Forces of World War Two.
Third Reich ruins-- surviving remnants of german wartime architecture.
The Battle of Stalingrad -- massive amounts of info on the turning point battle of ww2.
The wartime Volkswagen
Tanks in ww2 -- Information and pictures of tanks and other armored vehicles organized by country of origin.
Panzer IV Universe -- An On-Line Resource for Pz. Kpfw. IV Research
Panzer Ace -- Biography site of Hauptsturmfuehrer Michael Wittman
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