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If you have a wwii related website, or would like to refer one, please contact us and we'll put it up. Alternatively, post it up on the forum and It'll be harvested later :)

The Festival of War-- New re-enactment and living history event -- WWII wartime songs and music. -- massive reenactment site covering any period, not just ww2. Based in USA.

wwii reenactment forum -- much information here.

wwii links -- provides up-to-date web links to all sorts of WW2-related websites, as well as a comprehensive reenacting events calendar (USA).

Swedish ww2 reenacting

German ww2 reenacting -- forum for reenactors from Germany

European Military Historical Society
Established to promote public awareness of the sacrifices made by the common soldier, who served in Europe with the German Armed Forces during the conflicts of World War II
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